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Vertex Standard VXA-300 Pilot III
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Communications, Navigation Indicator and Safety Aid built into one transceiver. The Aviator VXA-300 Pilot III combines Vertex Standards legendary MIL-STD construction and sleek styling with the most advanced features ever offered in a handheld air band transceiver.

The Aviator VXA-300 meets the demanding ruggedness requirements of MIL-STD 810. The durable high impact housing and die-cast chassis assure reliable performance even under the most adverse operating conditions. And Vertex Standard's extensive rubber gasketing system around the housing seams, keypad, knobs, microphone jacks and speaker grill ensures that the Vertex VXA-300 is submersible that can withstand water intrusion at 3 feet for up to 30 minutes.

For quick access to operating frequencies, simply enter the frequency information directly from the 16 button keypad, then press the "Push To Talk" (PTT) button to transmit. There's no need to store frequencies in memory before you can operate on them.

200 Regular Memory channels can store just about any commonly used operating frequencies that you choose. Convenient 8 character Alpha-Numeric display titling makes recalling information stored in memory channels quick and easy. 30% larger LCD display characters (compared to the the other Vertex Transceivers)

Breaking the squelch threshold has never been easier. Press the monitor (MON) button for two seconds and the VXA-300's squelch remains opened for monitoring weak and distant signals. Pressing MON again restores squelch settings. This is TRUE one handed operation. No need to fumble with tightly spaced concentric knobs!

Receiver Battery Saver feature is designed to maximize the life of the transceiver's battery. When the VXA-300 is in the standby mode the battery saver de-energizes the transceivers circuitry, waking up at user selected intervals to sample for radio activity. If no activity is detected the Aviator Pilot III goes back into its sleep mode. Current consumption is minimized, thereby maximizing battery life. This feature is only found on Vertex Air band transceivers! The 1400 Mah Nickel Metal Hydride Battery will last over 14 hours between cycle charges.

The VXA-300 can receive all 10 NOAA weather broadcast frequencies. The Automatic Active Weather Channel Locator automatically scans for active NOAA weather stations in your area when the Weather band is selected.

The VXA-300 allows easy access to the Menu ("set") mode. The Menu mode is a straightforward and intuitive feature for changing the operating parameters of the Aviator Pilot III. This will allow easy user access to squelch settings, clearing memory information, scanning, scan lamp, keypad beep, battery saver settings, display backlighting and priority channel check time. Setting the more advanced features of a transceiver has never been easier.

Comes supplied with Nimh battery (1400 mah), Wall Charger, Headset Adapter, Belt Clip and Flexible Antenna.

Frequency Range
TX 118.000 - 136.975 MHz (COM Band), RX 108.000 - 117.975 MHz (NAV Band), RX 118.000 - 136.975 MHz (COM Band), WX channels WX-01 - WX-10 8.33 Khz channel spacing.

Power Output
5.0 W (PEP), 1.5 W (Carrier Power) @ 7.2 V DC 800mw audio amplifier.

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