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TrafficScope clearly displays traffic threats around you in both range and altitude relative to you. The LCD display indicates the traffic which poses the largest threat to you. Other aircraft are also indicated. Once another aircraft poses more of a threat, its range and altitude are displayed.

TrafficScope is the only completely portable collision avoidance system available. It can be powered by 4 "AA" batteries or aircraft power (12-40 VDC). Everything from the audio processing to the altimeter is built-in. Even the stub antenna mounts on the rear of the unit.

With a maximum detection range of 5 nautical miles, TrafficScope can be scaled down to detect aircraft within 5, 3, 2, or 1.5 NM. Indepentently, altitude detection can be scaled from infinite to 5000, 1500 or 500 feet relative to your altitude (+/-).

Audible and visual alerts keep you aware of potential threats. The alert threshold is also scaled proportionately when the detection window is changed.

Simplicity in operation was the focus when designing the TrafficScope interface. Operational parameters can be changed through three intuitive on-screen menus. The first controls the operation mode (Flight, Ground or Auto). The second controls the horizontal detection window, or range setting, and the third controls the vertical window, or altitude setting.

The LCD and buttons can be backlit for night operations. Our patented fiber optic backlighting system illuminates with a non-obtrusive uniform green glow with a minimum drain to the batteries.

A unique feature to TrafficScope is the built-in altimeter. This solid-state sensor serves as a double-check to your own transponder information. If your encoder is sending the wrong altitude, TrafficScope will alert you and use its own altitude. This can also be a helpful reminder to turn on your transponder.

Don't Let the Tiny Size Fool You
Both TrafficScope units combine many advanced collision avoidance technologies into one small package. TrafficScope is truly a "Plug and Go" device with its own antenna system and battery-operated design. For installation, permanent installation assistance with FAA form 337 and available mounting and installation kits are available.

Altitude with Pinpoint Accuracy
TrafficScope VRX incudes an on-board altimeter to added reference accuracy. Both the VR and VRX can be set up for fight and ground mode operations.

TrafficScope Has the Connections
TrafficScope is the only internal battery-powered device available, yet can also be configured as an installed avionics package. A small 2.5" stub antenna is included and mounts out of the way on the rear of the unit. Connect your headset with the included cable. If you have a power outlet, plug in using the included power cable. Connect to your MFD through the data port. Flying a pressurized aircraft? TrafficScope VRX even incudes a pressure port to allow you to tie into a static pressure line.

Detection Shield
TrafficScope scans up to five nautical miles and allows the pilot to scale the horizontal and vertical view of traffic independently. TrafficScope utilizes TCAS-style nomenclature to indicate the level of threat an aircraft may pose, and will alert the pilot through audio messages.

Hard carrying case
Audio cable
Power adaptor
2.5" stub antenna
4 "AA" batteries
120+ page Manual
Quick Guide
Introductory DVD
3-year Warranty

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